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Our Rooms

Our Diverse Learning Environments



Our Rosebuds 0-2yrs

Room Capacity:  12 Infants

Our Rosebuds room is a cosy homely environment for your precious little ones!

Inside you’ll see our activity gym with a slide to strengthen those tiny legs as they explore and develop. It’s a favourite and here the children learn the importance of turn-taking. In our home corner we have our cooking area with soft play food for the children to prepare and share with their friends. This room also host the curiosity mirror which the children gravitate towards, they explore their bodies and are in awe of seeing their facial expressions up close and personal.


The children love when we read books to them and use different voices during out enactment, they do join in the singing sessions as well, by using some “Ooows..Arrrs” as they explore sounds.


We use the builder’s tray for our arts and crafts, in addition to a whole host of other activity that will allow your baby to embrace their identity and develop their beautiful personalities. We guarantee plenty of love and individual attention for all babies as this nursery becomes their new home away from home.



Our Sunflowers 2-3yrs

Room Capacity:  30 Toddlers

This room offers lots of stimulating equipment inviting a language rich environment for up to 30 children. The space is made up of two large interconnecting rooms with one room dedicated to wonderful messy play where budding artists are formed. The children enjoy painting on our easel or on large print paper, plenty of sticking and gluing. Not forgetting water play and playdough. Many topics are covered including identifying body parts, self-portraits, the use of stencils and mould, pictures on personal reflections. This room is also where we host our living eggs each year, when the children are able to watch how eggs hatch into chicks.


The other room hosts our cosy reading area where children are encouraged to have one to one time as well as scheduled group sessions, we aim to embrace the love of books to invoke those aspiring professors. We also have an intriguing sensory area that all children can explore and access. The additional areas in this room is the home corner and the construction area for building large towers and other models and it is filled with great opportunities for problem-solving techniques to be applied.


We focus on both fine and gross motor skills to strengthen children’s hands and get them ready for writing and drawing all of those wonderful treasure pictures for the family. The main focus of our Sunflowers is to promote a strong sense of independence where children can put their coats on, fasten their Velcro shoes, understand the importance of wiping their runny noses, washing hands and to say “Goodbye” to nappies forevermore.

We have secure outdoor play areas that have been designed for all age groups to enjoy. These areas include our mud kitchen, water play areas, chalk board, playhouse and an open space for exercise activities of our choice, sand and water pits, seating areas and a veggie patch in our growing garden. 




Room Capacity:  18 Preschoolers

A hive of activity is buzzing in pre-school. The children feel independent and ready to take on the world. There is so much do and share with their peers and best of all they have the freedom to explore, make meaningful choices and problem-solve.


To be ready for school they will learn their numbers, shapes and identify their names. They enjoyed studying the primary colours in their potent labs and watch what happens when they mix two colours together. Their world is an oyster, so much to see, so much more to do.


They learn through play, which includes messy play using jelly, shaving foam, spaghetti. They also paint beautiful masterpieces for their parents to take home to treasure. Social interaction is beneficial to all  children and at this stage they know who they want to be around as their forever friend.


Every day is a new experience as they take part in cooking, puzzles, gardening and excursions. All our activities ensure your child is school ready for September. We end the year with the Bluebells Graduation and parents are invited to watch their very first Graduation Ceremony.

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