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Meet Our Team & Educators

Dedicated & Certified

We are a Graduate lead nursery where all our management and Room Leads are BA qualified or above. 

Our practitioners are passionate about children and growing young minds, to ensure they are school ready.

Kirby Pic.JPG

Ms Kirby

Nursery Manager 

Marcie Pic.JPG

Ms Marcie 

Business Development Manager

Jade Pic.JPG

Ms Jade 

Deputy/ SEND Manager

Patricia Pic.JPG

Ms Patricia

Deputy Manager

Fatma Pic.JPG

Ms Fatma

Room Lead

Roni Pic.JPG

Ms Roni 

Level 3 Educator

Sylvia Pic.JPG

Ms Sylvia

BA (HONS) Childcare Studies

Hesni Pic.JPG

Ms Hesni

BA (HONS) Childcare & Psycology

Saphia Pic.JPG

Ms Saphia

Nursery Assistant

Rodi Pic.JPG

Ms Rodi

Level 3 Educator

Iwona Pic.JPG

Ms Iwona

Business Development Manager

Our Chef

In order to grow young minds, you first need to nourish the body. Our onsite chef, ensures our children's daily meals and snacks are freshly prepared, balanced and nutritious. 

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